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For over 30 years, Rob Dube has been thriving as a purpose-driven business executive and entrepreneur. He is the co-CEO and co-Founder of imageOne which has won dozens of awards for its people-first and purpose-driven culture from outlets like Forbes and Inc. Magazine.

Rob is also the author of donothing: the Most Rewarding Leadership Journey You Will Ever Take, the host of the Leading with Genuine Care podcast, and host of the Leading with Genuine Care Leadership Retreat in Colorado.

Rob’s most popular speaking topics:

The 10 Disciplines for Managing and Maximizing Your Energy

You will learn how to manage and maximize your energy by listening to your soul to become your best, most successful, and have a more fulfilling life.

Mindful Leadership

Learn what it takes to be a mindful leader and the benefits of mindful leadership in business. Hear Rob explain why awareness and presence will provide what our employees really need from us.

The Simple Six

These are the six things in life that we know we need to be better at, but find that actually doing them isn’t so easy. Rob explains what they are and how to integrate these habits into our lives.

How to Make a Mindful Decision

Great decision-making is key to effective leadership. By integrating mindfulness into your decisions you’ll make smarter, sounder choices.

Introduction to Meditation

Discover why more companies are encouraging employees to meditate. Also, learn how to cultivate a meditation practice, the science behind meditation, and more.

Your Busy, Stressful Life

Business leaders and their employees are busier than ever—and we’re burning out! Rob discusses how to slow down and unplug while mentally showing up at your best everyday.

What audiences are saying:

“I loved the blend of data and personal stories to support the talk. I can listen to Rob talk about anything — he’s such a kind and motivational person.”

“I think starting each day this way is great! His session grounds you and calms the mind a bit — or at least helps one observe their mind and be present.”

Where Rob has spoken:


EOS Conference
Watch the talk.


ZingTrain Speaker Series
Watch the talk.

TedX UMDearborn

TEDx: U. of Michigan at Dearborn
Watch the talk.


Watch the talk.






The Tugboat Institute


U. of Michigan Positive Business Conference


Young Presidents Organization (YPO)



Oakland County

Oakland County, MI



Small Giants Community

Small Giants Community

Great Game of Business

The Gathering of the Games


Entrepreneurs Organization (EO)

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