Whitney Bromberg Hawkings | From Fashion Exec to Floral Industry Disruptor

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Whitney Bromberg Hawkings | From Fashion Exec to Floral Industry Disruptor

Whitney Bromberg Hawkings

Posted on May 14, 2019

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On this week’s donothing podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why a life outside of Texas appealed to Whitney
  • What inspired Whitney to move from NYC to Paris after graduating college
  • How Whitney got a job as Tom’s Ford assistant
  • Which major life and business lessons Tom Ford has taught Whitney
  • What Whitney’s life was like inside the fashion industry
  • How working high-fashion events first sparked the idea for FLOWERBX
  • Why Whitney left the fashion world to start her own business
  • What makes FLOWERBX different from traditional floral delivery services
  • Why Whitney sees value in a direct-to-consumer flower company
  • How FLOWERBX delivers better products at a lower price
  • Which major fashion and celebrity names are FLOWERBX regulars
  • How much waste most flower shops experience daily—and how does FLOWERBX nearly eliminate their own floral waste
  • Which challenges FLOWERBX experiences as they quickly expand
  • Why female entrepreneurial role models are so important for women leaders
  • What kinds of business lessons Whitney learns every day
  • Why empathy and compassion are integral leadership traits
  • How Brexit could become a challenge for FLOWERBX
  • Why Whitney believes in having a 10-year-plan
  • How Whitney balances business ownership with her marriage and raising three young children
  • Why Whitney only hires people she’d sit down and have dinner with

For nearly 20 years, Whitney Bromberg Hawkings worked alongside iconic fashion designer and filmmaker, Tom Ford, as one of his most trusted team members. Then, she left her beloved industry behind with a mission to disrupt the outdated floral industry with FLOWERBX.

Whitney started working for Tom Ford while he was the Creative Director at Gucci in Paris. Eventually, she rose to the position of Senior Vice President of Communications at his own fashion brand, TOM FORD. In 2016, Whitney resigned from her executive position to found FLOWERBX, the online flower delivery service that’s slated to become the first global flower brand.

In just over three years, she’s expanded FLOWERBX from the U.K. and France to over 20 countries across Europe. While the company continues to focus on strengthening and growing their European markets, it also just launched in its first U.S. location—New York City.

Learn how this native Texan found her place within the European fashion world and discover why she ultimately chose the path to entrepreneurship in this week’s donothing podcast.

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