Vince Tullo | A GE Executive’s Wisdom on Leading with Empathy, Listening and Understanding

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Vince Tullo | A GE Executive’s Wisdom on Leading with Empathy, Listening and Understanding

Vince Tullo

Posted on June 9, 2021

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“If you understand the person on the other end of the table, you’ll be much better off.” — Vince Tullo, former VP of Global Sales at GE

Vince Tullo boasts over 47 years working in global high-tech business development and leadership, most of them with General Electric (GE). Tullo worked his way up the corporate ladder ultimately culminating into top positions including VP and General Manager of Factory Automation and VP of Global Sales for Grid Automation.

Today, Tullo owns a management consulting business, Clear Choice Strategies. He is also a board member and VP of Global Sales for Lighthouse Instruments, a pharmaceutical laser testing technology, and a Senior Advisor for, a crypto/blockchain delivery management company.

In my conversation with Tullo, we discuss his brilliant insights on strategic business and organizational practices, advice on growing a startup, how to begin mentoring aspiring business leaders, the future of crypto/blockchain technology, and so much more.

In this episode of Leading with Genuine Care, you’ll also learn:

  • How Tullo started at GE
  • The importance of paying attention to what others are saying
  • Why we need to listen to life’s “little messages”
  • What Tullo learned from GE Chairman and CEO Jack Welch
  • Tullo’s advice for emerging and seasoned leaders
  • The three key ways to make an ethical decision
  • How your reputation can build, or ruin, your career
  • Why we have two ears and one mouth for a reason
  • How to cultivate your business coaching and mentorship skills
  • Why leaders need a broad view of the world
  • How to prep for an international business meeting
  • Why global leaders must learn about people of different cultures
  • The most impactful business course Tullo took at GE
  • Why every leader needs to understand blockchain technology
  • What an ISO is
  • How Lighthouse Instruments makes COVID vaccines safer
  • Three ways to focus and stay balanced
  • And so much more! 

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