Rob Dube | The Simple Six: Prioritizing Sleep for a More Rested, Productive Life

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Rob Dube | The Simple Six: Prioritizing Sleep for a More Rested, Productive Life

Rob Dube

Posted on April 28, 2020

Listen to the episode:

We all need sleep.

We also know how much better we feel when we get enough of it. So, why is it challenging for many to get that high-quality rest our bodies and minds crave—especially during stressful, unpredictable times like we’re experiencing now?

Isn’t it during these moments that we need to rest more than ever?

In this short fiveminute donothing podcast episode within the Simple Six series, I explain why sleep is a pillar in living a more productive, mindful, and happy life. You’ll also get some insights on how to start making sleep the high priority it deserves to be.

Listen in and learn:  


  • Why schedule is so important to good night’s sleep   
  • What common things are keeping us awake   
  • How to calm down a racing mind at night   
  • What a body scan is   
  • Why now is the perfect time to practice better sleep habits 
  • And so much more!  

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Rob developed the Simple Six as a list of practical actions that will lead to a more fulfilling and mindful life. They are all easy to integrate into your everyday routine, though doing so can take practice and intention.
 Learn more about the Simple Six here: 

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Find out in my book donothing: the Most Rewarding Leadership Challenge You’ll Ever Take, where I write about wisdom from other mindful leaders, dig into scientific studies, and tell my own story of self-discovery. I’ll also teach you how to start meditating, and tips on turning it into a lifelong habit. 

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