Rob Dube | The Simple Six: Meditation As the Foundation of a More Balanced Life

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Rob Dube | The Simple Six: Meditation As the Foundation of a More Balanced Life

Rob Dubé

Posted on April 14, 2020

Listen to the episode:

Mindfulness and meditation are at the core of a healthy, focused, and positive life. By giving ourselves just a few minutes to pause and reflect upon our thoughts, we become better equipped to make smarter choices.

In this short donothing episode within the Simple Six series, I’ll explain why maintaining a daily meditation practice is an essential part of living your best, authentic life. I’ll also guide listeners through an actual meditation practice while giving insights into what you should be experiencing and feeling along the way. 

In this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why mindfulness and meditation is the foundation of the Simple Six
  • How meditation is similar to playing in the big game
  • Why it’s called a meditation practice
  • How to start meditating
  • What the Seven Points of Posture are
  • The importance of following your breath while meditating
  • Why it’s okay for the mind to wander
  • How you should feel during and after meditating
  • And so much more

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“Rob powerfully intertwines personal stories of leadership, growth, and meditation with the simple science behind the practice, practical instruction on how to get started, and a compelling challenge for those looking to advance their existing meditation practice.”

How can meditation—and even silent retreats—transform you into a stronger, more efficient, and mindful business leader?

Find out in my book donothing: the Most Rewarding Leadership Challenge You’ll Ever Take, where I write about wisdom from other mindful leaders, dig into scientific studies, and tell my own story of self-discovery. I’ll also teach you how to start meditating, and tips on turning it into a lifelong habit. 

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