Anese Cavanaugh | How Leaders Can Create Strong, Positive Relationships | The Wisdom Series: Part 2

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Anese Cavanaugh | How Leaders Can Create Strong, Positive Relationships | The Wisdom Series: Part 2

Anese Cavanaugh

Posted on October 31, 2019

Listen to the episode:

I’m so excited to welcome back Executive Advisor, author of books including Contagious Culture and Contagious You, and creator of the IEP Method, Anese Cavanaugh, for Part Two of her Wisdom Series. 

In this episode of the donothing Wisdom Series, Anese explains how leaders can develop deep, positive, and more productive relationships amongst everyone you work with on a daily basis—including the ones you don’t particularly care for. 

From ingenious lessons on making difficult business decisions to creating healthy workplace boundaries and so much more, Anese teaches us the unending merits of positive, servant leadership and the advantages of always striving to be of service to your team, and to yourself.

Also, remember that as part of the donothing Wisdom Series, you can listen to the entire podcast above, or listen to each short Nugget of Wisdom pulled directly from the episode.

P.S. Be sure to order Anese’s new book, Contagious You, which will be released on November 6th, 2019.




Your “Nemesis,” with Anese Cavanaugh

Who’s that one person you can’t stand working with? Whether they’re full of negative energy, or there’s a clash of personalities, nearly all of us face this experience during our careers. 

In this clip, Anese Cavanaugh offers smart strategies and exercises to help us get on a more positive level with our biggest “nemesis.”



Navigating People Using HELP, with Anese Cavanaugh

Most leaders genuinely want to help solve problems for their team members. But what happens when jumping in could potentially create even more problems due to factors like added stress, time restraints, or a lack of resources?

Listen as Anese explains the meaning of HELP, which she created to help leaders tackle workplace problem-solving in a way that’s productive and of service to both the employee, the leader, and the workplace as a whole.



OPPPE: Other People’s Problems, Projections, and Expectations, with Anese Cavanaugh

Having a bad day? Then, how can you stop yourself from projecting those negative energies onto others who had nothing to do with it? On the flipside, what techniques can help you avoid getting sucked into other people’s sour moods?

After all, one person’s bitter energy shouldn’t be unfairly passed around the office—but how can we effectively end this negative domino effect?



Boundaries that Serve, with Anese Cavanaugh

In the workplace and beyond, we need to create boundaries. It’s an integral part of balancing our lives and avoiding burnout. However, figuring out exactly where to create these boundaries can prove challenging. 

Listen in as Anese talks about how we can better define these boundaries by figuring out how they can best serve others, as well as ourselves.



Decisions are One of Your Greatest Superpowers, with Anese Cavanaugh

As a leader, your decisions hold tremendous power. They can also be either your greatest asset, or your kryptonite. 

In this clip, Anese guides listeners in creating a more positive mentality around decision-making. She also explains why sometimes the best choice you can make is to not make one at all.



Giving Feedback Using COINS, with Anese Cavanaugh

Providing feedback is an important part of any leadership role. But, are you truly offering productive, and intentional feedback that’s of service to your team members?

Listen as Anese teaches why feedback is one of the best gifts leaders have to offer. She also explains what the COINS conversation is and how it’ll help anyone deliver feedback the right way.



Letting Your People Take the Lead, with Anese Cavanaugh

Great leadership means supporting your own team members so they can grow, thrive, and eventually become great leaders themselves.

In this clip, Anese explains why ego often prevents even well-intentioned leaders from stepping back and allow others to lead. She also discusses the additional benefits of letting others become the “smartest people in the room” like providing yourself space in continuing to grow and learn as a leader.


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