Scott Kriens | This CEO of a Billion-Dollar Tech Company Built a Retreat Where Leaders Can Unplug, Grow & Look Within

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Scott Kriens | This CEO of a Billion-Dollar Tech Company Built a Retreat Where Leaders Can Unplug, Grow & Look Within

Scott Kriens

Posted on October 29, 2019

Listen to the episode:

Before Scott Kriens led the multi-billion-dollar Silicon Valley tech company, Juniper Networks, he was ambitious—yet relatively directionless—and searching for the right path forward. Over 35 years later, Scott’s now a renowned leader who excels at building teams and connecting people through learning, growing, and finding purpose.

In this episode of the donothing podcast, Scott and I chat about how he found business success, his inspiration for later creating the 1440 Foundation and 1440 Multiversity, why it’s critical to create a life beyond possessing more and suffering less, what surprising things parenting and leadership have in common, and so much more. 

 Currently, Scott is the chairman and former CEO of Juniper Networks. He founded Juniper back in 1996 and has since grown the company to over $4 billion in global sales and currently employs more than 10,000 employees around the world.

 Scott and his wife Joanie launched 1440 Foundation, a nonprofit organization “committed to the cultivation of truly real and connected relationships, with yourself and others.” In 2017, the Foundation’s success led Scott and Joanie to launch 1440 Multiversity, a modern learning destination set in the redwoods of Santa Cruz County.

  In this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll learn about: 

  • What led to Juniper’s eventual success
  • How Scott began teaching leadership development
  • Scott’s top leadership values and mantras
  • Why it’s always better to do something in business than do nothing
  • How business success is like a sailboat
  • Why it’s ok to not be 100% aligned with your colleagues
  • Why showing that you care is essential to great leadership
  • Which core values Scott holds most dear
  • What the 1440 Multiversity is
  • How and why every inch of 1440 was built with intention
  • What Scott hopes visitors experience at 1440
  • How building 1440 gave him true faith in the universe
  • Which classes are taught at 1440 Foundation
  • How 1440 fosters a space “where energy, discovery and creativity flourish.”
  • Why it’s important to pass along good fortune
  • How Scott starts his mornings
  • What leadership and parenting have in common
  • Why modeling your habits is so important
  • How the first 50 employees will define a company’s culture
  • Scott’s own diverse spiritual journey
  • Why his father’s death pushed him to start exploring meditation
  • His unpredictable rise as a salesman
  • The advantages of learning through hardship
  • Why modern parents need to be more mindful
  • What parents can offer their kids to prepare them for difficult times
  • Why teaching children doesn’t work
  • Why it’s better to be an imperfect parent—not a plastic one

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