Ryan Tansom | The Importance of Intention

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Ryan Tansom | The Importance of Intention

Ryan Tansom

Posted on August 3, 2022

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“If you don’t know where you’re going, how are you making the decisions to get there?”  — Ryan Tansom

Ryan Tansom is founder of Arkona, a company that helps businesses grow with intention through trainings and fractional CFO services. I am thrilled to have Ryan join me on the podcast, since he and his cofounder, Pat Hobby, have been a big help to me in my own business, imageOne, and have helped me learn how to make decisions with more intention. The Intentional Growth™ Framework, along with other tools like EOS, Small Giants, The Great Game of Business and 2 Second Lean, have made a huge impact on me and my business.

Ryan was previously the executive vice president of his family’s business, and by applying intentional growth strategies, helped grow it to a place where it was bought up by a competitor in an 8-figure sale. Ryan also hosts the Intentional Growth™ podcast.

Ryan sees putting intention at the forefront of everything we do as critical to growth both personally and professionally, and especially in business. Without a clear goal of where you want to end up, you’re unable to confidently and clearly make decisions. Having a clear intention helps give you purpose in your daily life and to make decisions in alignment with those goals. Intention helps to answer your “why.”

Ryan sees major turning points – what he calls inflection points – such as selling a business or going through a divorce, as opportunities for growth and learning. His experience working in his family’s business came with a lot of anxiety and uncertainty, in large part because of their financial situation. Looking back, he realizes that they lacked intention and an understanding of what a Chief Financial Officer could offer in this process. With Arkona, Ryan strives to help business leaders become more intentional and to come to a better understanding of their financial situation and goals. He explains what a CFO should do, and how smaller companies can benefit from working with a fractional CFO to help leaders get clear on and become aligned with their intentions.

In this episode of Leading with Genuine Care, you’ll also learn:

  • The five principles Arkona teaches in helping businesses become more intentional
  • What a CFO should do in a company and which companies should consider using a fractional CFO
  • How understanding just the three financial statements in a business is key to better managing finances and making them less complicated
  • How Arkona helped Rob and his partner become more intentional in their business
  • Why mastering an understanding of money is so critical
  • What the two “true things” are
  • Why a routine is so important and how it gives Ryan freedom
  • How Ryan explains the Biblical quote “the meek shall inherit the Earth”

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