Rob Dube | Retreat Reflections: The Leadership Benefits of Doing Nothing

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Rob Dube | Retreat Reflections: The Leadership Benefits of Doing Nothing

Rob Dube

Posted on May 28, 2019

Listen to the episode:

In this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll learn:


  • What was new about this year’s donothing retreat
  • Why spending time together—especially while exploring nature—was a great way to start the retreat
  • Why the Shambhala Mountain Center land is so special
  • Why it’s essential for leaders to take time out and take care of themselves
  • What the main goals of the donothing Retreat are
  • How the silent part of retreat actually works
  • Who the retreat leaders and facilitators were
  • How Janet Solyntjes, the retreat leader, prepares guests for silence
  • Why there’s a value in letting your mind wander
  • What the biggest challenges for most participants are
  • Why it’s ok to not be an experienced meditator and participate in the retreat
  • How walking meditations help participants learn to slow down
  • Why going tech-free—even for a few days—is so important for busy leaders
  • What a body scan is and why participants love learning about this life tool
  • What mindfulness-based stress reduction is and what it has to do with a leadership silent retreat
  • Why participants bond so deeply with each other, even while saying nothing
  • What some of the highlights were for many guests
  • What participants can expect from the 2020 donothing leadership retreat
  • How the retreat demystifies mindfulness and meditation
  • Why learning these techniques and tools creates stronger leaders

What happens when a group of leaders from around the world travel to the Colorado Rockies and do nothing together? Find out on this special episode of the donothing podcast.

In April 2019, the donothing team hosted our annual Leadership Retreat at the Shambhala Mountain Center. We were joined by high-performing leaders ready—and nervous—to take on the challenge of unplugging from their busy lives for four days.

Retreat participants discovered the value of self-care, spent some time in silence, immersed themselves in nature, uncovered invaluable mindfulness tools they could take home and into the workplace—plus countless more lifelong lessons.

Listen now and learn why the donothing Leadership Retreat experience changed participants for the better by teaching them to slow down and look within.


Take advantage of the early registration discount for the 2020 donothing Leadership Retreat!

The dates are set for next year’s silent retreat at the Shambhala Mountain Center in Red Feather Lakes, Colorado. Join me and other leaders from April 19-23, 2020 as we dive into the biggest leadership challenge our lives—doing nothing. Learn more about the donothing Leadership Retreat at

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