Nipun Mehta | Move Slowly and Care Deeply

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Nipun Mehta | Move Slowly and Care Deeply

Nipun Mehta

Posted on December 15, 2021

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“How do we hold transactions in their place, while also honoring the much larger spectrum of the human experience?” — Nipun Mehta

You’ve probably heard of paying it forward: Responding to an act of kindness someone shows you by helping another person. To Nipun Mehta, it’s not just a nice idea, it’s a way of living and leading that can change all our lives for the better.

Nipun is a former Silicon Valley computer scientist who traded Big Tech for big ideas. He founded ServiceSpace, a support network for projects that nurture kindness and compassion. The idea is to build a community of people who do things for each other not in exchange for money or other material rewards, but with the aim of creating an ecosystem based on kindness.

It’s an ambitious project, but Nipun isn’t in a rush. As with everything in life, he’d rather go slow and build systems that work than follow the stereotypical Silicon Valley motto “move fast and break things.”

You may be aware of Nipun from his various TED Talks. He’s also been praised for his ideas about spreading compassion by no less than Barack Obama and the Dalai Lama. In 2019, he received the Goi Peace Award — having turned it down multiple times previously.

In this episode of Leading With Genuine Care, Nipun explains how we’re already all engaging in indirect reciprocity, why he never takes shortcuts in relationships or life, and what a bold trek across India taught him about the connection between uncertainty and compassion.


You’ll also learn:

  • How to escape our narrow reciprocity feedback loops
  • The collective power of paying it forward
  • How his mom and dad’s “sandbox” approach to parenting shaped Nipun’s outlook
  • Why he’s proud to be someone who cares a lot
  • How a walking pilgrimage through India forever changed his perspective on compassion
  • How a plumber moved Nipun to tears
  • Why ServiceSpace doesn’t have a plan
  • Where to find the best apples in the world (and why this is important)

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