Murray Hidary | He Pioneered the Internet. Now, He’s Changing How We See the World.

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Murray Hidary | He Pioneered the Internet. Now, He’s Changing How We See the World.

Murray Hidary

Posted on January 14, 2020

Listen to the episode:

Entrepreneur. Composer. Artist. Tech pioneer. Mindful leader. These are just a few words that describe Murray Hidary. Early in his career, Murray had great success on the internet by introducing new technology before most people knew it existed.

Then, after growing and selling several successful businesses, Murray went back to his first love—classical composing. He then discovered a way to meld music, tech, and our growing interest in mindfulness with his newest venture, MindTravel.

MindTravel is a one-of-a-kind immersive musical event. Participants will view the world from a different perspective after experiencing live, improvised musical compositions that reflect the unique surroundings. These locations have included places like the Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Grace Cathedral, and Burning Man, as well as in cities, theatres, beaches, and parks around the world. 

He also ties MindTravel with discussions about entrepreneurship, creativity, and life in general. More recently, he’s introduced the MindTravel SilentWalk and MindTravel SilentHike, which offer participants a new way of seeing their surroundings. 

In this podcast, learn about Murray’s fascinating, purpose-driven entrepreneurial background, and discover why his new passion is giving people an enlightened perspective on the world.

In this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll also discover:

  • Murray’s early experiences as a young entrepreneur
  • When Murray first found his love for music
  • Why Murray decided not to pursue a career in music after graduation
  • What led Murray to explore Buddhism after growing up Orthodox Jewish
  • How Murray’s travels through Asia changed his life
  • Why Murray bet on a then-new technology called the Internet
  • What Murray’s earliest internet-based companies were
  • Murray’s success taking public at just 27 years old
  • Why Murray calls his then-youth an asset to his success
  • How Murray and his team dealt with the Internet bubble bursting in 2000
  • About the new company that Murray and his brother launched after 9/11
  • What drove Murray to keep creating new businesses
  • Why Murray moved into the personal development space
  • How music helps people tap into their deep consciousness
  • Why opening up the mind helps leaders and entrepreneurs
  • When Murray decided to refocus on music and compositions
  • How Murray came up with the concept for MindTravel
  • Why having success in business isn’t the same as being successful
  • How the death of Murray’s sister changed his life
  • Why grief can open up deeper parts of yourself
  • What keeps us trapped within our negative mindsets
  • How connecting with himself helped Murray manage his anxiety
  • What everyone on Earth has in common
  • And so much more!

Enjoy my inspiring conversation with Murray Hidary!

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