Millie Chu | This Immigrant Leader Helps and Inspires Other Immigrants to Become Entrepreneurs

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Millie Chu | This Immigrant Leader Helps and Inspires Other Immigrants to Become Entrepreneurs

Millie Chu

Posted on July 9, 2019

Listen to the episode:

In this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll learn:

  • Why Millie’s family immigrated from China to the U.S.
  • How Millie’s parents achieved success—and how it inspired Millie
  • Why translating for her parents as a child taught Millie about business
  • What inspired Millie to help immigrants become entrepreneurs
  • Why entrepreneurship is the perfect path for many immigrants
  • Which programs Millie has spearheaded to assist international STEM students
  • What significant effects Millie sees due to current U.S. immigration policies
  • Why it’s difficult for international students to find work in the U.S.
  • What benefits immigrants can bring to our country
  • How Millie and her programs help immigrants secure visas
  • What the Global Talent Accelerator is and how it connects international students with real-world job opportunities
  • Why diversity in business benefits everyone
  • How Millie finally escaped from an abusive relationship
  • Why Millie decided to open up publically about her personal struggles
  • How these struggles molded Millie into the strong person she is today
  • Why meditation and proper sleep have improved Millie’s work and personal life
  • How Millie finally made sleep a priority after years of neglecting rest
  • When meditation became a part of Millie’s everyday routine
  • What the “Law of Immersion” is
  • How Millie has used the Law of Immersion to improve her life
  • What the Laws of Attraction are and what Abraham-Hicks teachings are

This week, I’m excited to chat with Millie Chu, the VP of Global Entrepreneurship and STEM Talent at Global Detroit, and share her incredible story.

When Millie and her family first arrived in the United States from China, they had little money or possessions. However, through hard work and perseverance, her parents successfully built up a small business that eventually employed hundreds.

Inspired by her parent’s own entrepreneurial journey, Millie’s made it her mission to help other immigrants discover the benefits of entrepreneurship and business ownership. She’s also determined to show why investing in immigrants is great for our people, our businesses and our economy.

Through her work with Global Detroit, the University of Michigan’s William David Institute and A2 LEAP Business Labs, Millie is leading immigrants—and our community —to new levels of success through inclusion, entrepreneurship, talent retention, job creation, event, employer engagement and more.


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Connect with Global Detroit





Global Detroit has partnered with the National Global EIR organization and the Economic Growth Institute at the University of Michigan to officially bring the Global EIR initiative to launch in Michigan.


Through Global EIR, Global Detroit supports international founders in the high-growth, advanced technology industry by providing a visa pathway to establish their business in Michigan, create new jobs, attract investment and improve economic prosperity for our region.


For more information or to apply:


Connect with A2 LEAP Business Lab




As the founder of A2 LEAP Business Labs, Millie has devoted countless hours of service and organized 30+ A2 LEAP community events focused on entrepreneurship and leadership and donates 100% of her registration proceeds to The Women’s Center of Southeastern Michigan.


Listen to One of Millie’s Favorite Podcasts

There are several podcasts about Abraham-Hicks out there, but Millie’s current favorite is Abraham Hicks Rampages and Meditation.


Listen to it here:


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