Michael Serbinis | Why More Startups are Saying Goodbye to Foosball Tables and Hello to Meditation Rooms

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Michael Serbinis | Why More Startups are Saying Goodbye to Foosball Tables and Hello to Meditation Rooms

Michael Serbinis

Posted on January 22, 2020

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Michael Serbinis is a serial tech entrepreneur who first found success as an early innovator in the internet and cloud storage space. There, he rubbed elbows with now-iconic names like Bill Gates and Elon Musk. He’s helped to build, launch, and sell multiple businesses including docSpace, Zip2, and Kobo with over $1B in exits.

Today, Mike is the CEO and Founder of League Inc., a healthcare platform that’s set to disrupt the insurance world. He’s also become an advocate for integrating health and mindfulness programs into the workplace.

This week, Michael gives listeners an inside look into what it takes to grow a company from the initial idea to the final exit, why perseverance is key to success, how wellness is taking over the startup world, and so much more. 

In this conversation with Michael Serbinis, you’ll also learn:

  • The importance of sleep and performance
  • His background growing up in an immigrant family
  • How Michael built a jet propulsion system at 16 years old 
  • What this project taught him about problem-solving, communication, and teamwork
  • Why learning about engineering changed Michael’s life
  • How Michael found his resilience
  • His experience working with Bill Gates in early ‘90s
  • How Michael met and worked with Kimbal and Elon Musk
  • What a strong workplace culture means to Michael
  • Why wellness, mindfulness, and meditation in the workplace is growing
  • How companies are integrating wellness into the workplace
  • What Michael sees for the future of wellness in the workplace
  • If Michael thinks mindfulness in the workplace is just a trend
  • How to ensure your company practices the values they preach
  • What life and leadership lesson Michael learned from Wayne Gretzky 
  • About the growth and exit of his first cloud-based company, docSpace
  • Why Michael created Kobo, a rival to the Kindle e-reader
  • How he sold Kobo at just the right time
  • What Michael did while taking time off work
  • When he decided to get back into the business world
  • Why Michael wanted to solve major problems in the healthcare industry
  • How his newest venture, League, can help healthcare be less confusing
  • What innovative tools make League potentially disruptive to healthcare
  • Which audience is League primarily targeting
  • What Michael envisions for the future of League
  • And so much more!


Enjoy my conversation with Mike Serbinis!

Connect with League & Mike Serbinis

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