Michelle Zarrin | How Meditation Transformed This Entrepreneur’s Career Path

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Michelle Zarrin | How Meditation Transformed This Entrepreneur’s Career Path

Michelle Zarrin

Posted on November 19, 2019

Listen to the episode:

After tragedy shattered Michelle Zarrin’s world, she turned to meditation for the first time—and it soon changed everything! From giving Michelle a new perspective on her life to putting her on an unexpected career path, discovering mindfulness proved to be nothing short of transformational.

Today, Michelle’s an inspirational speaker, meditation teacher, and life coach. Her meditations have received more than one million downloads on the Insight Timer app, which is the #1 free meditation app. She’s also the founder of The Mindfulness Expo and the author of From My Heart to Yours.

Listen in and learn smart strategies about beginning a meditation practice, how positives can always come from hard times, why anyone can benefit from meditation retreats and more!

In this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll also discover:

  • Why meditation retreats are so valuable
  • How a daily meditation practice can improve your life
  • Why Michelle loves waking up early
  • When Michelle discovered her passion for meditation
  • How tragedy changed Michelle’s perspective and life path
  • Why Michelle left her import company to become a meditation coach
  • How a retreat inspired Michelle to write a book
  • Why Michelle believes that everyone should try meditation
  • Whether there’s a wrong way to meditate
  • Why taking out time to meditate isn’t selfish
  • How to start a meditation practice
  • Why it’s important to practice forgiveness
  • What the Mindfulness Expo is
  • Why life’s difficulties can become a positive
  • How to best process life’s up and downs

Enjoy my inspiring conversation with Michelle Zarrin!

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