Lewis Schiff | Embracing Your Strengths, Learning From Your Failures

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Lewis Schiff | Embracing Your Strengths, Learning From Your Failures

Lewis Schiff

Posted on January 19, 2022

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“Every person has the opportunity to discover what their language is in the business world. The more time they spend living that language, the better they will do.” — Lewis Schiff

Being an entrepreneur gives you the freedom to get hands-on in every area of business. The best entrepreneurs learn which parts they excel at and which ones are better left to someone else — and they do as much of what they’re good at as they can.

Lewis Schiff calls this the first habit, and it’s just one of many pieces of wisdom he’s picked up over two decades and counting in business. Schiff sold two websites in the era of the dot-com boom, but it wasn’t until he became an author of books including The Armchair Millionaire, Business Brilliant and The First Habit that he really started to understand the unique challenges that come with being an entrepreneur.

Schiff is also the chairman of the Board of Experts for the Birthing of Giants fellowship: a program that schools business owners with companies making $5 million to $250 million in revenue on how to reach the next level. 

He is also the executive director of Moonshots and Moneymakers, a conference produced by Birthing of Giants and Oxford University that shows entrepreneurs billion-dollar opportunities inside their markets — or even their own companies.

In this episode of Leading With Genuine Care, you’ll learn how the first habit can help you and your employees, how —and why — to know whether you’re operating a moonshot or a moneymaker, and why making yourself the lynchpin of your company is a design flaw.

You’ll also learn:

  • Why entrepreneurship is a journey to self-discovery
  • Why Lewis’ view of the Manhattan skyline made him feel lonelier than ever during the pandemic
  • How a janitorial business was able to create 10x more value through one of Lewis’ programs
  • How you figure out what you’re best at (hint: it’s not easy!)
  • Why you shouldn’t take your skills for granted
  • What Lewis found out in his research on wealth
  • Why asking great questions makes you the most valuable person in the room
  • Lewis’ (controversial) take on the best way to build a strong leadership team

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