Laura Boone | Want a Better Company Culture? Create a Smarter Workspace

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Laura Boone | Want a Better Company Culture? Create a Smarter Workspace

Laura Boone

Posted on April 30, 2019

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In this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How Laura went from art school to award-winning small business ownership
  • What made Laura stay in Atlanta rather than go to grad school in NYC
  • How Laura and her business partner, Ellen Turner, grew their office furniture showroom into a success
  • Why Laura finds creativity in entrepreneurship
  • What Laura and Ellen do to keep their partnership healthy, despite having two very different personalities
  • Why incredible company cultures start at the leadership level
  • How well-designed office spaces create better, happier company cultures
  • What science and psychology is behind our office spaces
  • How Laura sees office space design evolving
  • Why turnerboone started to practice open-book management
  • What positive impact open-book management has brought to the turnerboone team
  • How mindfulness plays a role in Laura’s leadership methods and everyday life
  • Why emotionally intelligent conversations are integral to healthy workplaces
  • How Laura reacted to winning the 2017 Forbes Small Giants award
  • Why Laura’s ability as an empath makes her a better leader—and how anyone can use these skills
  • How Laura—a naturally skeptical person—became drawn to astrology
  • Why the many struggles of entrepreneurship are always worth the challenge

On this week’s donothing podcast, I chat with Laura Boone, the co-founder and principal at turnerboone. Listen and discover countless, unexpected nuggets of entrepreneurial and everyday life wisdom. From the science behind workplace design to building an award-winning company culture to her love for astrology, learn how Laura blazed a path to success her own way.  

Laura Boone is co-founder and principal at turnerboone, a 100% women-owned office furniture dealership, where she is responsible for business development, marketing and brand strategy. Laura combines her art and design background, over 20 years of experience in the contract furniture industry and a passion for relationship building to bring industry insight into turnerboone’s leadership team.

Laura builds and earns trust directly with her clients through her high level of accessibility, integrity and accountability. These relationships don’t end upon project completion. Instead, they flourish and continue for years.

turnerboone was named a Forbes 2017 Top 25 Small Giant in America which recognizes America’s best small businesses. In 2010, Laura was awarded third place in Business to Business Magazine’s Top 25 Entrepreneurs. She is also a former board member of CREW Atlanta.

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