Kathy Steele | Learning Through Struggles: How This CEO Proves Resilience Creates the Strongest Leaders

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Kathy Steele | Learning Through Struggles: How This CEO Proves Resilience Creates the Strongest Leaders

Kathy Steele

Posted on February 5, 2019

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How Kathy starts every morning
  • Why Kathy loves using The Best Self journal
  • The value Kathy finds in writing down her goals and intentions
  • What the “Five in Five” practice is, and why it is great for leading teams
  • Why moving around regularly as a child built Kathy’s resiliency
  • How an unexpected pregnancy in college changed Kathy’s life trajectory
  • Why Kathy’s first business ended right before it was poised to take off
  • What inspired Kathy to start a new company, Desert Rose Design, with a partner
  • How Desert Rose ignited Kathy’s love for marketing and technology
  • What Kathy learned from her and her partner’s “very toxic business divorce”
  • How Kathy discovered the Small Giants Community
  • Why the Small Giants Community changed her life as an entrepreneur
  • How her current business, Red Caffeine, was born
  • What the name “Red Caffeine” means
  • Kathy’s future aspirations for Red Caffeine
  • What Kathy anticipates for her own future

I’m so grateful for the chance to sit down with Kathy Steele, Red Caffeine’s founder and CEO. Throughout her life, Kathy’s pushed through personal and professional adversities while always gaining insight along the way. On this week’s donothing podcast, learn about Kathy’s successes, her struggles and how she finds the positive in everything.

Passionate about people, Kathy is serious about business growth and loves to help the underdog causes in her community. She is fortunate to “do it all” in her role at Red Caffeine, a growth consultancy with a mission to build incredible brands that clients want to work with—and employees want to work for.

A serial entrepreneur, Kathy believes that Red Caffeine is the company she is finally getting right. Dedicated to purpose, vision and values, along with her decision to operate with open-book finances, Red Caffeine has experienced rapid growth since its foundation in 2013.

Kathy and her team deliver growth strategies for purpose-driven companies who share common values and challenges. Kathy speaks and writes about her experience as an entrepreneur and how marketing impacts business growth. She is a contributor to Forbes and has delivered keynote presentations and workshops on employee experience, branding, marketing and business culture.

Kathy has relentless enthusiasm for great causes, donating her time and expertise to industry groups and non-profit organizations. She is an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) for Future Founders, an Executive Council Member for the Executives Breakfast Club, Chicago’s Local Group Leader for the Small Giants Community and a Great Game of Business Practitioner. She values fostering relationships with leaders who share her strong focus on business ethics, social responsibility and economic sustainability.

Join Red Caffeine’s People+People Conference and Content Series

The “war for talent” is real and crosses all industries and company sizes. Historically, the focus on marketing has been on attracting and retaining clients—we have pivoted Red Caffeine to be more of a “Growth Consultancy” with a mission of building brands that clients want to work with AND employees want to work for.

We feel the strategy is the same to attract, engage and retain clients and talent. We’re continuing to address these challenges companies are facing with our People+People Conference and Content Series.

Exciting announcements and news will be shared soon at www.PeoplePlusPeopleConf.com.

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