Karen Martin | Pausing For Clarity: Mindful Leaders Always Ask ‘Why?’

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Karen Martin | Pausing For Clarity: Mindful Leaders Always Ask ‘Why?’

Karen Martin

Posted on January 29, 2019

Listen to the episode:

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Why Karen tries to keep her inbox at zero
  • What Karen’s life was like growing up in rural Pennsylvania
  • Why Karen majored in microbiology but later chose a different career path
  • Why Karen first got into meditation and mindfulness
  • How Karen convinces skeptical clients to consider integrating mindfulness
  • Why Karen realized business ownership was her destiny
  • How she launched The Karen Martin Group (now TKMG)
  • What Karen learned about herself during her first marriage
  • How Karen dealt with losing every client in three days
  • What losing her clients taught Karen about business
  • Karen’s former aspiration to be a thriller novelist, and why she now writes books about corporate strategy
  • The challenges of the complex book writing process
  • Which authors, business people, mindfulness leaders, etc. inspire Karen
  • Where Karen gets her best ideas
  • What inspired Karen to write the Kaizen Event Planner
  • Why achieving clarity is essential to building great businesses
  • What roles hubris and ego play in unhealthy business practices
  • Why the best leaders must be open to unlearning their leadership habits
  • The reasons leaders need to stop obsessing over quick problem solving
  • Why organizations should run with “high levels of humility and curiosity”
  • What a “Clarity Pause” is and why it’s so important for leaders
  • Karen’s experience coaching leadership internationally
  • How Karen integrates Eastern and Western medicinal practices
  • How Karen practices mindfulness and meditation even when she’s always traveling
  • Why Karen loves walking meditations
  • And much more!

Karen Martin, award-winning corporate strategist and president of global consulting firm TKMG, is a leading authority on business performance and Lean Management. She’s also a highly rated speaker and author of multiple books, including Clarity First: How Smart Leaders and Organizations Achieve Outstanding Performance.

Karen motivates organizations to develop more efficient work systems, grow their market share, solve business problems and accelerate their performance. She provides insights to improve organizational performance and inspire companies to create work environments that enable their entire workforce to excel.
Listen to this week’s donothing podcast and learn about Karen’s journey to becoming a leader in corporate strategy and empowering organizations to boost their productivity and their people.

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