Jon Kabat-Zinn | A Well-Lived Life Is Made in the Present Moment

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Jon Kabat-Zinn | A Well-Lived Life Is Made in the Present Moment

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Posted on March 17, 2021

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“As long as you’re breathing, there’s more right with you than wrong.”
—Jon Kabat-Zinn


Without a doubt, Jon Kabat-Zinn has influenced millions worldwide to embrace a life of mindfulness. As the creator of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, he is largely credited with bringing mindful practices into mainstream culture. Through Jon’s practical wisdom, people from every walk of life have discovered why connecting with your true self and embracing the present moment can change everything.

In our powerful conversation, Jon talks about how mindfulness and meditation can heal issues with stress, anger, and anxiety, why mindfulness and business success go together, and insights on living the vibrant life that you were always meant to lead. As he says—“Before you die, are you actually alive?”

In this podcast episode, you’ll also hear Jon Kabat-Zinn’s thoughts on:

  • Living every moment more mindfully
  • How mindfulness can heal our fractured society
  • What it means to be human 
  • How Jon defines mindfulness
  • Why mindfulness is great for business leadership
  • About the science of meditation
  • Where feelings of anger really come from 
  • How meditation eases anger issues
  • Why a great meditation practice takes work
  • How we can ease suffering for ourselves and others
  • About the power of awareness 
  • Why now is the perfect time for mainstream mindfulness 
  • How mindfulness can help stress and anxiety 
  • What does “Non-doing” work mean
  • Why the best leaders seem like they aren’t doing anything 
  • Why the pandemic is an invitation for us to wake up
  • How to find your “Karmic Assignment”
  • And SO much more.

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More About Jon Kabat-Zinn

Jon Kabat-Zinn is widely credited with leading mindfulness and meditation into the Western mainstream culture. For over 50 years, he has been studying, researching, writing, and teaching mindfulness. 

Jon has a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is a professor of medicine emeritus at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. There, he founded the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Clinic in 1979, and the Center for Mindfulness in Medicine, Health Care, and Society in 1995. Both are internationally-known for their research and contributions to the science and studies of mindfulness and meditation.

Jon has written ground-breaking scientific papers on mindfulness. He’s also written 14 influential books including Full Catastrophe Living, Wherever You Go, There You Are, and Mindfulness for Beginners. His teachings inarguably contributed to the rise of mindfulness in medicine, education, business, government, sports, and more. 

Throughout his career, Jon has received numerous awards and accolades. He also served on the board of the Mind & Life Institute, which organizes dialogues between the Dalai Lama and Western scientists to help promote a better world for humans, society, and the planet.