Thupten Jinpa and Ashish Kulshrestha | An Introduction to Leading with Genuine Care

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Thupten Jinpa and Ashish Kulshrestha | An Introduction to Leading with Genuine Care

Rob Dube

Posted on June 30, 2020

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“The more we choose to connect with others beyond our borders, the less lonely and the happier we will be.” — Thupten Jinpa, Co-founder of the Compassion Insititute

Welcome to the Leading with Genuine Care podcast! In this rapidly changing world, now is the perfect time to reset our thinking about what positive leadership can look like and better understand how a kinder society can benefit us all.

In each episode, I’ll chat with compassionate thought leaders from around the world who will offer diverse perspectives and nuggets of wisdom. Their insights will inspire us to show up more than ever for our loved ones, our communities, our co-workers, and even those we may not know. We’ll learn how truly interconnected we are to each other!

In the first episode of Leading with Genuine Care, I had an incredible conversation with the two people who made this podcast possible—Dr. Thupten Jinpa, the co-founder of the Compassion Institute and longtime translator for His Holiness the Dalai Lama, and his close friend Ashish Kulshrestha, a business leader and longtime philanthropist.

Together, we talk about why we decided to launch a podcast focused on positive, empathetic leadership, what listeners should expect to hear each week, and how more kindness and genuine care for others will make life on this planet better for everyone.

In this episode, you’ll also learn:

  • Why times of unrest are great opportunities to introduce more positivity
  • What does it mean to have an interconnected world
  • How can we use our interconnectedness to create a better society
  • Insights on being compassionate to those we don’t know
  • How to use the positive changes made after WWII as an example to follow
  • Why the COVID pandemic highlights the importance of genuine care
  • How can we show gratitude to others no matter the distance
  • Why is divisiveness so toxic to society
  • How affordable, accessible healthcare can vastly improve our lives
  • The science behind the benefits of compassion
  • And so much more!

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