George Mumford | In the Eye of the Hurricane

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George Mumford | In the Eye of the Hurricane

George Mumford

Posted on June 29, 2022

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“When you get rid of noise and clutter, nothing’s there. But because nothing’s there, there could be anything there.” — George Mumford

This week I chatted with George Mumford, renowned teacher and coach on mindfulness and performance. George has worked with such athletes as Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal and many other elite athletes and executives. Mumford is the author of The Mindful Athlete: Secrets to Pure Performance.

In our talk George explains why his company is called “Eye of the Hurricane.” He strives to teach people about that still center in themselves, just as in the middle of a hurricane there is a quiet, still point. Mindfulness, George explains, can be the tool that gets us there. However, mindfulness must be guided by wisdom, love, faith and trust. Mindfulness can help guide us to create that pause we need between stimulus and response. Just being able to stop and become aware is immensely valuable. If you struggle with anger, a good first step is becoming aware of what triggers you. Then, he says, try to get intimate with it. Observe what happens to you, and try to learn from it. Whatever you do, George teaches, be fully engaged with the present moment. 

George reads a book a week, and often re-reads books in order to learn from them at a deeper level. For the same reason George offers programs where students are encouraged to become lifelong learners, returning again and again to the material from different perspectives and in different contexts. In our talk, he referenced Kierkegaard, Socrates, and Erich Fromm, among others. George integrates all he learns to teach others how to not just survive, but thrive, and encourages us all to be authentically who we are. 

In this episode of Leading with Genuine Care, you’ll also learn:

  • How going slower will get you where you want to go quicker 
  • How knowing your core values will help you with your practice
  • What the “superpowers” are and why you need them 
  • How to deal with anxiety in today’s world 
  • What Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan learned from George Mumford
  • Why his teachings are not just for athletes   
  • Why trying too hard can be counter-productive
  • What flow is and how to harness it
  • What it means to have an empty mind

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