Rob Dube | What Are the Benefits of Meditating? | Meditation Demystified: Part 1

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Rob Dube | What Are the Benefits of Meditating? | Meditation Demystified: Part 1

Meditation Demystified Part One

Posted on February 7, 2019

Listen to the episode:

In Meditation Demystified: Part I, you’ll learn:

  • What meditation is—and isn’t
  • How meditation makes better leaders
  • How meditation changed Rob’s personal and professional life
  • The benefits of joining a silent retreat
  • Why meditation is so impactful not just for leaders, but for entire teams
  • Why many people are hesitant to attend silent retreats
  • How meditation allows for more thoughtful, compassionate conversations
  • Why feeling fear before starting a meditation practice is normal
  • Why people should push past fear and embrace the challenge of practicing mindfulness
  • Why it’s so important to control “that moment between stimulus and response”.
  • Why business revelations are sometimes uncovered on silents retreats
  • The importance of learning to go slow

As meditation turns more mainstream and continues to grow, so does curiosity surrounding the practice. People want to know what’s behind all the hype. Can “sitting in silence” really make us better leaders—and better people overall?

In the donothing Meditation Demystified minisode series, I sat down with longtime imageOne team member, meditation practitioner and silent retreat participant Emmy Georgeson. Together, we’ll reveal insights into the meditation practice, clarify common myths and discuss the benefits of (and apprehensions towards) joining a silent retreat.

In the first episode of our three-part Meditation Demystified series, Emmy and I dig into the basics of meditation and mindfulness. Learn why being present and clearing your mind benefits every aspect of your life—from business leadership to family.

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