Elizabeth Prather | Why More Companies Are Cultivating a Culture of Mindfulness

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Elizabeth Prather | Why More Companies Are Cultivating a Culture of Mindfulness

Elizabeth Prather

Posted on March 5, 2019

Listen to the episode:

In this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll learn:

  • How Elizabeth first discovered a love for mindfulness and meditation
  • Which books most influenced Elizabeth in her mindfulness journey
  • Why mindfulness creates better leaders and stronger teams
  • Why Elizabeth dedicated her career to bringing meditation to businesses
  • How busy people can integrate meditation into their daily lives
  • How silent retreats can recharge the mind and body
  • Why Elizabeth joined a three-year silent retreat
  • What the most difficult challenges were during Elizabeth’s three-year silent retreat
  • Why modern society has a problem with boredom
  • What mindfulness methods Elizabeth teaches to businesses
  • Why mindfulness is so beneficial to corporations
  • Which major corporations rave about mindfulness training
  • Why Elizabeth loves the 1440 Multiversity based in Santa Cruz, California
  • How Elizabeth became involved with the Potential Project
  • Why taking a short “Mindfulness Pause” can improve an overwhelmed mind

This week on the donothing podcast, listen to my insightful conversation with corporate meditation and mindfulness coach Elizabeth Prather. Elizabeth has taught mindfulness in many settings and is passionate about using it to cultivate business environments where individuals can thrive and perform at their very best.

In addition, she teaches mindfulness to individuals and coaches those who are struggling to find meaning and purpose in their lives while looking for support along the way.

Elizabeth’s areas of expertise include managed care provider services operations, fast-paced and rapidly growing organizations, training, customer service, healthcare consulting, non-profit program management and travel management.

Elizabeth’s “Mindfulness at Work” programs integrate her deep mindfulness practice and business acumen to ensure sustainable results for clients. As a Senior Consultant and Trainer with the Potential Project (a global leader in corporate-based mindfulness programs), Elizabeth brings her expertise to organizations looking for improved performance and culture change.

Elizabeth divides her time between working and immersing herself into mindfulness and meditation through learning and extended retreats. She engaged in a three-year silent meditation retreat in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, which was a transformative experience. During that retreat, it became clear to her that she should share the benefits of mindfulness and meditation with others—especially in the work environment.

Connect With Elizabeth Prather

For those living in Los Angeles, Elizabeth is starting a four week series on mindfulness for focus, clarity and performance starting in March. Here’s the link to more information: http://theprathergroup.com/public-programs-events/.

Books Recommended by Elizabeth Prather

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