Dr. Andrew Weil | How to Eat, Sleep and Live Better

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Dr. Andrew Weil | How to Eat, Sleep and Live Better

Dr. Andrew Weil

Posted on November 12, 2019

Listen to the episode:

Today, I’m incredibly grateful to share my conversation with Dr. Andrew Weil. Dr. Weil is a globally renowned expert on wellness, integrative health, and botanical medicine. He’s also the author of 15 best-selling books, including several New York Times bestsellers, and is a partner at the healthy-eating restaurant chain, True Food Kitchen and matcha brand Matcha Kari.

Listen in as we discuss his world travels where he’s studied everything from human longevity to psychedelic drugs, how he first discovered his passion for plants and plant-based medicine, why he’s promoting the benefits of matcha to the Western world, and so much more. 

Dr. Weil received a degree in Botany from Harvard University, and his M.D. from Harvard Medical School. He’s also the founder and Director at the University of Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine. In addition, he’s the author of many acclaimed books including The Natural Mind, 8 Weeks to Optimum Health, Healthy Aging: A Lifelong Guide to Your Well-Being, and Spontaneous Happiness: A New Path to Emotional Well-Being.

Get ready for an hour packed with wellness, health, and entrepreneurial wisdom with Dr. Andrew Weil!

On this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll learn about:


  • Why Dr. Weil became interested in studying medicine
  • What integrative medicine is
  • Why Dr. Weil chose to study Botany at Harvard University
  • Whether Dr. Weil plans on retiring anytime soon
  • Dr. Weil’s entrepreneurial beginnings
  • How, despite skepticism, Dr. Weil made True Food Kitchen successful
  • Which healthy habits helped Dr. Weil climb out of a depression
  • Dr. Weil’s tips on staying healthy while traveling
  • What the “4-7-8 breathing” meditation technique is
  • How Dr. Weil enjoys turning chores into meditation
  • What Dr. Weil thinks about today’s food trends
  • How people can make healthy eating less confusing
  • Why Okinawans might live longer than anyone else
  • What matcha is
  • Why Dr. Weil started Matcha Kari
  • Dr. Weil’s first experience with matcha while in Japan
  • Why Dr. Weil was disappointed in the matcha found in the U.S.
  • The process of making matcha
  • What makes some matcha better than others
  • Why matcha is a great coffee replacement
  • The health benefits of matcha vs. coffee
  • Why Dr. Weil hasn’t eaten meat since the 1970s
  • How reducing animal consumption can improve the environment
  • What fish we should eat for sustainability reasons
  • Why Dr. Weil especially recommends sockeye salmon
  • How a broken down Land Rover led Dr. Weil to a life in Arizona
  • Why Dr. Weil typically prefers plant medicine over pharmaceuticals
  • How an LSD trip relieved Dr. Weil of lifelong allergies
  • Dr. Weil’s thoughts on the health benefits of psychedelic drugs

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