Deana Burke | Bitcoin Demystified: Understanding the New Economy of Currency

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Deana Burke | Bitcoin Demystified: Understanding the New Economy of Currency

Deana Burke

Posted on January 7, 2020

Listen to the episode:

Curious about the growing world of cryptocurrency and Bitcoin? Want to know how this all-digital monetary system could disrupt the world’s financial structures? Why might women, young people, and those not born into money reap the most benefits? Learn this and more in my chat with Deana Burke!

Deana is the founder of Gracias, a mission-driven startup working to bring Bitcoin to young women, teens, and people from diverse backgrounds (Tony Robbins is an investor!). As someone who’s personally fascinated by cryptocurrency, but doesn’t quite understand it, I was thrilled to sit down with Deana in hopes of learning more. 

But Deana is filled with more than just cryptocurrency knowledge. She’s also a brilliant entrepreneur with an emphasis on building mindful companies. Currently, she’s the co-founder of CO, a co-working space in the Hudson Valley, an active advisor to another female founded startup, Allcall Travel, and co-founded the strategic consulting firm Agency of Trillions, which was acquired by Indiegogo in 2017. 

As a fabulous teacher with an easygoing, accessible way of explaining complex concepts, I learned more in an hour about Bitcoin than I had in years of trying to figure it out myself—and I know you will as well.

In this episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll also discover:

  • How Deana organizes her life so she doesn’t burn out
  • Deana’s early career in the “Wild West” of social media
  • If Deana or Rob would spend a month on a space station
  • What it was like when her first company was acquired by Indiegogo
  • The importance of distancing yourself from job stressors
  • How Deana offers herself perspective when she feels overwhelmed
  • Why Deana loves Bitcoin
  • How  Bitcoin actually works
  • Why cryptocurrency opens up financial success to everyone 
  • The advantages of a financial system with no “gatekeeper”
  • What the benefits of having a decentralized financial system are
  • Who decides how much Bitcoin is out there
  • What it means to “mine” Bitcoin
  • The mysterious beginnings of Bitcoin’s invention
  • How Deana is introducing people to Bitcoin
  • Dean’s recommendations when buying Bitcoin for the first time
  • Why Deana launched Gracias to make Bitcoin more accessible
  • What risks Deana had to take when starting Gracias
  • How Deana got Tony Robbins to invest in Gracias
  • Why there’s no template to being a great leader

Enjoy my fascinating conversation with Deana Burke!

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Deana’s Recommended Books

Trillions: Thriving in the Emerging Information Ecology, by Peter Lucas, Joe Ballay, and Mickey McManus

The Power of Now, by Eckhart Tolle

Untethered Soul, by Michael Singer

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