David Mammano | How to Build the Career and Life of Your Dreams While Having Fun Every Step of the Way

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David Mammano | How to Build the Career and Life of Your Dreams While Having Fun Every Step of the Way

David Mammano

Posted on December 18, 2018

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What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • 1:40 — How David starts every morning, which usually includes working out, meditation, prayer and a big glass of water to set the tone for the day.
  • 4:32 — David discusses the importance of a good night’s sleep and weekend naps.
  • 5:10 — How and when he started integrating intentional, healthy daily routines into his everyday life.
  • 7:21 — David talks about his traditional Italian upbringing and how their indulgent food poses a challenge to his healthy lifestyle.
  • 9:12 — David talks about his immigrant family coming through Ellis Island and why they came to the U.S.
  • 13:19 — How he met his longtime best friend in first grade thanks to their Italian last names.
  • 15:01 — He talks about his “All-American,” supportive childhood with an Italian twist and his relationship with his parents, neighbors and younger sister.
  • 18:00 — David discusses his mischievous high school career and how he was the “perfect B student.”
  • 21:00 — How being class president helped David realize his talent in assembling, organizing and leading teams, plus discovering his superpower for attracting smart, talented people.
  • 23:51 — He discusses his college career at the University at Buffalo and the incentive his father provided that pushed him to do well at school.
  • 26:40 — How running the college newspaper and selling ads to businesses sparked his lifelong love of sales.
  • 27:10 — How David realized his initial path of becoming a dentist wasn’t his true calling.
  • 29:00 — Why he loved selling ads to local businesses and soon became the advertising sales manager for his school’s newspaper.
  • 30:10 — How writing murder mystery stories in his youth gave him the confidence to become a writer.
  • 32:15 — David explains his first post-college sales jobs selling ads for a radio station.
  • 33:00 — Why he moved to Chicago to become a stand-up comedian and took classes at Second City and Improv Olympics.
  • 35:35 — His terrifying first experience as a stand-up comic and how he pushed through to find confidence. Check out this performance on YouTube.
  • 39:40 — David shares some of his favorite amateur jokes and performances with Rob.
  • 42:27 — After realizing comedy wasn’t for him, he came back to Rochester and again worked in radio ad sales. He soon realized that he loved his boss—but hated having a boss.
  • 43:01 — What inspired David’s business, a magazine called Next Step for soon-to-be college students.
  • 46:35 — How he initially launched Next Step by taking a leap of faith, orchestrating an incredible team and cutting broccoli at Ruby Tuesday to make ends meet.
  • 48:40 — How he convinced companies to buy magazine ads in a magazine that didn’t even exist yet.
  • 51:50 — David discusses how shoveling snow at six-years-old made him realize he wanted to be an entrepreneur.
  • 55:08 — Why “Doing What It Takes” became a core value in his company and how it’s an integral part of successful entrepreneurship.
  • 57:30 — How he teaches his children by not giving them all the answers and allowing them to figure things out on their own.
  • 59:29 — Why he carries this idea into his business, surrounds himself with a great team and always asks what he can do to support them.
  • 1:01:50 — How his business began to grow and the eventual franchising of Next Step.
  • 1:04:09 — David describes the company culture at Next Step. Everyone cared about the mission and each other.
  • 1:06:07 — Why creating an amazing company culture came naturally for David and why he loves helping people see their potential.
  • 1:07:40 — David discusses his books Make Love in the Workplace and 101 Things You Can Do To Become an Outstanding Young Adult and how it felt to become a published author.
  • 1:09:00 — How the recession affected Next Step and how the business adjusted to the digital revolution.
  • 1:11:00 — Why the demise of print made his business “lose its luster” and how he faced difficulty in figuring out the next step in his career.
  • 1:12:50 — After leaving Next Step, David explains how he dealt with the stress of not having a clear path for what to do next.
  • 1:14:56 — Rob and David discuss their conversations while together on a bus during a Small Giants tour.
  • 1:18:40 — David recounts his experience starting the Rochester Chapter of Entrepreneurs’ Organization, commonly called EO, and why these communities are so important for entrepreneurs.
  • 1:20:01 — Why he launched his new business Avanti Entrepreneur Group, which helps new entrepreneurs and small businesses grow and find success.
  • 1:23:00 — David talks about how Avanti took off and his plans to continue expanding it nationwide.
  • 1:25:59 — David explains his initial coaching methods and how it evolved into his current business model, as well as his current role at Avanti.
  • 1:28:06 — David talks about starting the Avanti Entrepreneur Podcast and why he loves hosting it so much.
  • 1:31:08 — How starting a radio program helped him realize he had to hyperfocus on what he did best.
  • 1:33:33 — David discusses the people who have helped him succeed over the years including Verne Harnish, Stephen Woessner, Norm Brodsky and his “network of friends and family.”
  • 1:35:20 — Rob and David chat about what they’ll be discussing twenty years from now.
  • 1:37:00 — The influence that Zingerman’s Community of Business owner Ari Weinzweig had in helping David realize his dreams and turn them into reality.
  • 1:39:55 — How joining the Small Giants Community has influenced his life and brought him together with inspirational business leaders like Bo Burlingham and Paul Spiegelman.
  • 1:42:00 — The perks of picking up the phone to call people directly.
  • 1:43:00 — In 20 years, will Rob and David be sitting together at a Buffalo Bills and Detroit Lions Super Bowl?
  • 1:44:00 — The importance of balancing the “core” parts of business and personal life while also pursuing your passions.

Over the last 20+ years, David Mammano has started seven businesses from scratch. He thrives on starting and growing businesses, as well as helping others do the same by infusing the latest entrepreneurial principles into their strategy.

David’s companies have been named three-times as an Inc. Magazine 5000 Growth Company. He’s also the host of The Avanti Entrepreneur podcast, a TEDx speaker, a Forbes.com contributing writer, an adjunct professor at the University of Rochester and the author of business and college planning books.

In 2004, David published his first book, 101 Things You Can Do To Become an Outstanding Young Adult.” His second book, Make Love in the Workplace, a guide to awesome culture in the office, was published in 2014.

David is a prolific speaker, speaking at hundreds of business and education events.

David is most proud of his family in Victor, NY, including three young children, Gianluca, Melania and Alessio. His hobbies include family activities, reading, cooking, eating, exercise and repeated attempts at humor.

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