Daniel Roby | What Everyone Should Know About Homelessness Today

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Daniel Roby | What Everyone Should Know About Homelessness Today

Daniel Roby

Posted on January 6, 2021

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“There is so much more to every person’s life besides their homeless experience. Their homeless experience doesn’t define them.” — Daniel Roby, CEO of the Austin Street Center


Uncover the reality of those facing homelessness with Daniel Roby, the CEO of the Austin Street Center, which is the largest free emergency homeless shelter in Dallas, Texas. It’s also the only area emergency shelter that focuses on the older homeless population.

In this fascinating conversation, Daniel talks about his role in supporting unhoused people in his city, what common misconceptions many have about the homeless population, which small gestures can positively impact the lives of those facing homelessness, and so much more.


In this episode, you’ll also learn:


  • Insights about the real people who are living without housing
  • Why we shouldn’t define people by their dwelling
  • What to call a person who doesn’t have a home
  • If there is a homeless “demographic”
  • How the Austin Street Center supports those seeking a home
  • What the “formula” to homelessness is
  • How often mental illness factors into homelessness
  • Daniel’s insights on homeless encampments
  • What impact COVID-19 has on unhoused people
  • If anyone really wants to be homeless
  • How homeless centers shifted during the COVID-19 crisis
  • About the “Perfect Storm” that could increase homelessness
  • How we can best support unhoused people
  • Why simple kindness can mean everything
  • And so much more!

More About Daniel Roby

In 2016, Daniel was appointed by Mayor Mike Rawlings to participate in the City of Dallas’ Commission on Homelessness. This Commission is tasked with analyzing the community’s current system for addressing homelessness, comparing it to best practices of similar communities, and delivering a focused set of strategies and recommendations for the City and Dallas County to consider going forward. Daniel currently serves on the Board of Directors for Metro Dallas Homeless Alliance.


Under Daniel’s leadership, Austin Street has doubled case management and staff size, and more programs and services have been added to help individuals successfully end their homelessness.


Daniel received the Nonprofit CEO of the Year award in November 2017 from CNM Connect in Dallas. He was also selected as a recipient for the Dallas Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” award, which honors the top 40 North Texas men and women in business under 40.


Daniel and his wife Lesley enjoy raising their four children in the Lake Highlands neighborhood in Dallas.


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