Cyd Crouse | Do Good: One Executive’s Two-Word Mission to Make Business Better

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Cyd Crouse | Do Good: One Executive’s Two-Word Mission to Make Business Better

Cyd Crouse

Posted on April 9, 2019

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In this episode of the donothing podcast you’ll learn:

  • How growing up on a Nebraska ranch fostered Cyd’s sense of adventure
  • What it was like to be a young, rising tech executive
  • Why culture was so integral to her first company’s success
  • What motivated Cyd to leave a desirable board member position to travel
  • Why Cyd’s first attempt to take time off her career failed
  • Which lessons Cyd learned after her once-promising startup fizzled
  • What two-word mantra Cyd discovered while in Honduras
  • How traveling Spain and Central America changed Cyd’s leadership outlook
  • What role ego plays in good—and bad—leadership
  • How Cyd first connected with Whole Foods Market and Gaiam
  • How Cyd and her cofounder launched Meditation Studio app
  • Why the Meditation Studio app resonates with practitioners worldwide
  • How the MUSE headband can help people learn to meditate better
  • Why Cyd is so excited about the future of mindfulness and technology
  • And much more…

Sometimes, the best way to find yourself is to leave it all behind—and that’s exactly what this week’s donothing podcast guest, Cyd Crouse, did after a decade as rising corporate tech executive and board member.

After traveling the world, Cyd discovered a deeper sense of purpose, and a direction towards a more positive career path. She returned to the U.S., reignited her career at companies like Gaiam and Whole Foods Market, launched Meditation Studio, a top-ranked mindfulness app, and now serves as the CMO of Interaxon, the makers of the Muse headband.

Raised in rural Nebraska and a technologist by training, Cyd believes that bringing meditation to the masses can change the world. She has focused her career on working for companies that do good.

Cyd is committed to conscious commerce and strongly believes that the most sustainable way to do good is via ethical commerce.

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