Corey Blake | Discovering Our Humanness Through Vulnerability

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Corey Blake | Discovering Our Humanness Through Vulnerability

Corey Blake

Posted on January 8, 2019

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What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • Corey’s commitment to breaking down emotional walls
  • Why vulnerability is far from a sign of weakness
  • Why connecting on a human level is beneficial for businesses and business leaders
  • How his mother’s depression shaped Corey’s lifelong desire to make people laugh
  • Which roles Corey loved playing as a young actor
  • Corey’s experience as a theater major at Milliken University
  • What motivated Corey to try to make it big in Hollywood
  • How landing roles in major movies and hit commercials built up Corey’s career—and his ego
  • Why Corey began self-medicating with marijuana
  • How a PBS documentary about theater director Harold Clurman inspired Corey’s next steps
  • Why Corey’s first attempt at creating a successful production company collapsed
  • Why Corey can thank Mountain Dew for his marriage
  • How Corey finally quit smoking pot
  • What motivated Corey to move home to Chicago
  • How Corey established his own storytelling and publishing company, Round Table Companies (RTC)
  • Why great writers should embrace vulnerability
  • Why Corey developed the Vulnerability is Sexy art wall
  • Why Corey wants leaders to believe their vulnerability is beautiful

Hollywood actor turned book publisher Corey Blake knows the value of vulnerability. Initially, Corey scored success baring his soul on-stage. Today, he’s encouraging business leaders to do the same, but in the pages of their own books.

Everyone from corner suite CEOs to wide-eyed interns has insecurities. But rather than hide those feelings away, Corey encourages us to open up and embrace the complexities of our own humanness. Listen to my recent chat with Corey Blake and learn about this storyteller’s fascinating journey to success.

Corey is the publisher of Conscious Capitalism Press, the founder and CEO of Round Table Companies (RTC), and a speaker, artist and storyteller. He previously starred in one of the 50 greatest Super Bowl commercials of all time (Mountain Dew, “Bohemian Rhapsody”), has won 15 independent publishing awards and has been featured on the cover of the Wall Street Journal as well as in the New York Times, USA Today, Inc., Forbes and Wired.

Corey’s storytelling clients have included Tony Hsieh, Marshall Goldsmith, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches and Terlato Wines. Prior to RTC and CC Press, Corey earned his SAG union card by working eight days on David Fincher’s Fight Club before starring in commercial campaigns for Fortune 500 companies including American Express, Mitsubishi, Pepsi, Wrigley’s Gum, Miller Beer and Hasbro. Corey’s spot for Yard Fitness, where he plays basketball naked, won Belding, Bronze Lion and London Advertising awards.

Corey is also the creator of the Vulnerability Wall and the Vulnerability is Sexy™ card game. His documentary of the same name won 2017 Addy and Hermes awards for branded content. He has spoken at YPO events, business schools, publicly traded companies and annual conferences. He’s also a frequent speaker, facilitator and emcee at Conscious Capitalism events around the country.

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