Chris Hutchinson | The Power of Ripple: Developing Truly Impactful Leadership

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Chris Hutchinson | The Power of Ripple: Developing Truly Impactful Leadership

Chris Hutchinson

Posted on April 2, 2019

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In this episode of the donothing podcast you’ll learn:

  • What made Chris go from a mechanical engineer to a leadership coach
  • How serving in the military influenced his future path
  • Why Chris believes everyone can be an impactful leader
  • Which leadership tools every organization should be using
  • Why it’s essential to ensure the entire team rows their boat in the same direction
  • How simple miscommunications quickly evolve into lasting resentments
  • Why well-intentioned leaders often fail to properly communicate their vision
  • What leaders can do to positively influence their team
  • Why an autoimmune disorder diagnosis, which he discussed as a speaker at Ignite Fort Collins, changed Chris’ outlook on his health
  • How Chris encourages his own team to live a healthier lifestyle
  • What marbles and skipping stones have to do with incredible leadership
  • Why receiving a B Corp certification for Trebuchet Group was so important to Chris
  • How writing his book, Ripple: A Field Manual for Leadership that Works, gave Chris confidence in his leadership message

If you’re looking for some genuine leadership inspiration, you’re in the right place. On this week’s donothing podcast, hear invaluable insight from Chris Hutchinson—a coach and mentor for executive leaders and their teams. Chris believes that every team member plays an integral role in forwarding the organization’s mission. All it takes is clarity and authentic communication.

Since 2002, hundreds of organizations and executive leaders have trusted Chris and his company, Trebuchet Group, to help them achieve great accomplishments through creating healthy and high-performing teams. Chris brings together a real-world experience to support leaders who feel the weight of their company on their shoulders and are frustrated by teams not achieving their potential.

As an Air Force officer, Chris learned firsthand how leadership can make or break the effectiveness of teams and individuals. As a “recovering” mechanical engineer, he understands how systems need to serve the people who use them to be successful together—not the other way around.

Chris also the author of Ripple: A Field Manual for Leadership that Works. In his book, Chris brings together field-tested practices for leaders to improve their personal impact and create long-lasting results.

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