Bo Burlingham | Finding Gratitude in the Wake of Tragedy

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Bo Burlingham | Finding Gratitude in the Wake of Tragedy

Bo Burlingham

Posted on August 6, 2019

Listen to the episode:

In this special episode of the donothing podcast, you’ll learn:


  • Where Bo was planning on flying to on 9/11/2001
  • Why Bo missed Flight 11 on September 11th
  • How Bo found out that he was supposed to be on that flight
  • What Bo’s first reaction was when he heard “his flight” hit the Twin Towers
  • How Bo’s near miss with death changed his outlook on life
  • Why Bo considers this near-miss a blessing—and not just because he survived
  • How others including his family and colleagues like Jack Stack and Norm Brodsky reacted to the events of 9/11 and came together in the wake of tragedy
  • Why it took several days for Bo and his wife, Lisa, to reunite
  • How Bo’s sense of gratitude deepened after this experience
  • Why Bo doesn’t want the memory of his brush with death to fade
  • What Bo has had the opportunity to enjoy thanks to missing Flight 11
  • Why gratitude is often the silver lining behind tragedy

As we walk through life, many of us never know the near misses with tragedy we avoid due to an unknown twist of fate. For others, however, that near-miss was broadcast worldwide and will be forever remembered.


Bo Burlingham, author of the best-selling books Small Giants, The Great Game of Business and Finish Big, co-founder of the Small Giants Community and recent donothing guest, was one of those people. This week, we’re deviating from our typical podcast format to share his unbelievable story.



On September 11th, 2001, 2,977 innocent people lost their lives—and Bo was nearly among them.


That Tuesday over 17 years ago, Bo had plans to travel from Boston to Los Angeles with a seat booked on American Airlines Flight 11. However, a twist of fate moved him to change his flight. Instead of sitting on that plane, he watched in horror as it plunged into the North Tower of the World Trade Center.


Listen to Bo’s incredible story about that terrible day and discover how his brush with mortality changed his entire outlook on life.


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Street Smarts: An All-Purpose Tool Kit for Entrepreneurs, with Norm Brodsky


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