Anese Cavanaugh | Why Showing Up with Purpose and Intentionality Influences Life & Leadership

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Anese Cavanaugh | Why Showing Up with Purpose and Intentionality Influences Life & Leadership

Anese Cavanaugh

Posted on December 11, 2018

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What you’ll learn about in this episode:

  • 1:30 – How Anese gets set up for the day – starting with a nine-minute body check
  • 4:56 – What she does when she is feeling off
  • 7:05 – What the Bubble Up Exercise is, and how it can help you find the space to better handle your day
  • 12:29 – How the “Energetic Xylophone” helps bring out our authentic self
  • 16:45 – What “gamma brain waves” are and the tool she uses to track them, Holosync
  • 18:15 – Why she loves Bulletproof Coffee and Madagascar Ghee
  • 21:00 – How she wrote a vision for the future for a school project and what has happened since
  • 22:50 – Should schools teach kids to have a vision for the future?
  • 23:50 – Why Anese has never been motivated by money, and how she knew she wanted to be a writer
  • 32:06 – The wise words Mr. Purdy gave her in the 4th grade, why she believes he is the reason for her career path
  • 34:20 – Her first job at Baskin Robbins and what she learned about integrity
  • 44:32 – The first time she realized what intention is
  • 54:40 – Her college experience and when she realized she didn’t like the idea of student loan debt
  • 1:00:25 – When Anese started to get really good with money
  • 1:01:30 – How her first job as a fitness director at a retreat center in Woodside, CA set the tone of her career helping others
  • 1:03:38 – How she met Dean Ornish, started first business in Chicago, which ultimately failed and what she learned
  • 1:09:58 – What her picture of being a good Mom was like and how she struggled with it
  • 1:13:02 – Her definition of hustle
  • 1:14:35 – The importance in having good support people around you to help in difficult times
  • 1:15:46 – How she got her PhD in “what not to do”
  • 1:18:01 – How Anese and her then husband “completed” her marriage in such a healthy way
  • 1:19:51 – Before her then husband and her split, Anese created “The Leave no Stone Unturned” project to ensure it was the right decision
  • 1:25:44 – Why Anese wrote the “IEP Survival Guide to Divorce” and why it’s tucked away . . . for now!
  • 1:26:26 – Why she collaborates with her children on her travel schedule and how it’s working for them
  • 1:31:00 – How she balances creativity and execution
  • 1:34:24 – When she realized IEP was her life’s work and what it means
  • 1:43:37 – How “letting go” while on a retreat go her tuned into the name, IEP
  • 1:45:23 – The process for writing her first major book, Contagious Culture
  • 1:49:30 – Her process and reaction to her latest book, The Leader You Will Be, and being with Zingerman’s co-founder Ari Weinzweig to launch it.
  • 1:55:09 – Her thoughts on the standing ovation she received for her presentation of the book in May of 2018 at the Small Giants Summit in Detroit

Anese Cavanaugh is devoted to helping people show up and bring their best selves to the table in order to create significant positive impact in their lives.

She is the creator of the IEP Method® (Intentional Energetic Presence®), an advisor and thinking partner to leaders and organizations around the world, and author of CONTAGIOUS CULTURE: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives (McGraw Hill, 11/15).

As a leading voice on intention, energy, and presence in leadership and culture, she helps people unlock greater leadership potential, collaborate more inspiringly, create more openly, intuit more bravely, and lead more joyfully and effectively. Top innovators and executives in companies like IDEO, Zingerman’s, Cooper, GM Financial, Vistaprint, Fitbit, Nike, Vivayic, and others have engaged with Anese to strengthen team health, maximize leadership impact, and optimize company culture.

In addition to appearing in publications like Harvard Business Review, The Huffington Post,, and the NY Times, Anese writes for in her column “Showing Up”. She has just published her most recent book THE LEADER YOU WILL BE: An Invitation (a leadership storybook), and is currently working on her next book due, CONTAGIOUS YOU, out Fall, 2019.

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