Anese Cavanaugh | Lessons for Positive, Transformative Leadership | The Wisdom Series: Part 1

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Anese Cavanaugh | Lessons for Positive, Transformative Leadership | The Wisdom Series: Part 1

Anese Cavanaugh

Posted on October 3, 2019

Listen to the episode:

Fantastic leadership isn’t learned overnight. In fact, if you’re devoted to being an incredible, positive and influential leader, you know it’s a lifelong journey.

So, why not take a few minutes to soak up invaluable leadership knowledge from

Executive Advisor, author of books including Contagious Culture and Contagious You, and creator of the Intentional Energetic Presence (IEP) Method, Anese Cavanaugh?

Discover everything from brilliant career-building strategies to tips on warding off negative workplace energies to simple—yet often neglected—ways we can care for ourselves, and so much more.


Also, as a part of our new Wisdom Series, you can listen to the entire donothing Wisdom Series podcast above, or listen to each short Nugget of Wisdom pulled directly from the episode.


The Cost of Being Contagious, with Anese Cavanaugh

From losing precious, irretrievable time with those we love to experiencing drastically lower productivity in the workplace, there’s a very real cost to negative mindsets. On the other end of the spectrum—what kind of savings can we expect by instead putting out positively contagious energy?

Listen in as Anese Cavanaugh discusses these tangible and emotional costs, savings, and more.


Being Your Own Silver Bullet, with Anese Cavanaugh

Stop waiting around for someone else’s magic wand to make your dream future appear. In actuality, you’re the only one with the power to make it happen. Hear why Anese Cavanaugh says we need to take the initiative in making our own success happen. And yes—it takes some real work.


Doing the Work in Five Steps, with Anese Cavanaugh

Ready to dive in, do the work and create the life you really want? From taking ownership of your decisions to setting intentions about your future goals, find out which five steps Anese Cavanaugh says will lead to your own success.


The Want Dial, with Anese Cavanaugh

What is it that you really “want” out of your career, and your life as a whole? Anese Cavanaugh discovered that for many leaders, their answers were surprisingly vague. However, once they do start identifying and dialing in those wants, everything else finally starts coming together.


Why Self-Care Is the Most Important Leadership Skill, with Anese Cavanaugh

Self-care is one of the most critical leadership skills that we can give ourselves. Listen as Anese Cavanaugh discusses why self-care isn’t selfish, and how it positively influences ourselves as well those around us.

Anese also digs into why should we open up our minds to what self-care really means—and it’s not all about spa days and massages (although those are great, too!)


How to Build Your Immunity, with Anese Cavanaugh

Creating a positively contagious life isn’t only about inviting new habits in—it’s also about keeping negative energies out.

In this clip, Anese Cavanaugh talks about her favorite tips, tricks, and methods on launching an intentionally positive life designed for the long-haul. Also, learn why food and sleep are so integral to our success, how small changes can quickly influence huge ones, and so much more.


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