Anant Kumar | Why Social Entrepreneurship is Great for People and for Business

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Anant Kumar | Why Social Entrepreneurship is Great for People and for Business

Anant Kumar

Posted on October 7, 2020

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“We are all speaking, but no one is listening. It starts with being able to stop and listen to other perspectives.” — Anant Kumar

When social entrepreneur Anant Kumar witnessed the dire conditions of India’s poorest public hospitals, he was inspired to create an alternative. He believed that every citizen deserved safe, affordable, high-quality health care with dignity—so he built an organization that provided just that.

Today, Anant is the CEO of Life Circle which provides professional care to seniors. Before Life Circle, Anant was the founder and CEO of the LifeSpring maternity hospital chain in India which offered high-quality maternal care for even the nation’s lowest-income citizens. In 2010, LifeSpring won the UN World Business and Development Award given to the world’s top companies that balance social good with sustainable business practices.

In this week’s episode of Leading with Genuine Care, hear how Anant built his social enterprises, why for-profit models for social good can work better for entrepreneurs and the people they serve, and so much more. 


In this episode, you’ll also learn:

  • What a social entrepreneur is
  • Why having people pay for services boosts social equity
  • What the difference is between a charity vs. a social enterprise
  • How social enterprises solve major humanitarian problems
  • Why Anant wanted to support India’s poorest and most vulnerable citizens
  • How these initiatives positively impact the world
  • Anant’s story in building an equitable health care chain
  • How the business remained profitable while delivering babies for $20
  • When Anant decided to start a similar business model for senior citizens
  • Why empathy is key for great leadership 
  • What it was like for Anant to meet Barack Obama
  • Anant’s thoughts on creating a more equitable society
  • How to better connect with those we may not understand
  • Why deeply listening and communicating with others can change everything
  • And so much more!

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Anant Kumar is the founder and CEO of Life Circle Health Services. Life Circle provides subscription-based professional caregiving and home nursing services to chronically ill and bed-ridden seniors in India. Before Life Circle, Anant was the founder CEO of the LifeSpring maternity hospital chain in India. 

Under his leadership, LifeSpring was awarded the “UN World Business and Development Award” and also received the Frost & Sullivan Award for the “Mother and Child Health Care Provider of the Year” in India. Previously, he has served on Merck’s expert forum of maternal mortality supported by WHO and the EU-funded committee for Strengthening Human Resources for Health in India. 

He is a TED India fellow, the winner of the “Entrepreneur of the Year” award by Economic Times NOW TV, and a runners up as the “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” organized by Schwab Foundation in partnership with World Economic Forum.

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