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You will not bring your computer to bed; it will only help you to wake up, and your eyes/senses are stimulated so that your computer is closed on your desk before bed …

Take a shower or a bath before bedtime.

If you are to bake this morning, it may be the most crazy thing of your mind, but if you take a good hot shower right before bed, it can help you relax, but it will also leave you feeling tired and ready to bed …

Let the hot water rush over the face and body helps to relax the muscles, slow down the heart rate, and warm the skin. When you start to feel sleepy or very hot, you have to jump out of the shower (there are pajamas and slippers ready), slip in clothes and head directly into bed …

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Enjoy a cup of tea.

Not looking after the shower at night? Treat yourself to a cup of hot sleepless time or chapstick. It will warm your body and leave you warm and happy …

The rashka will help you to relax, and Sleepy time to calm you down. Have two cups and a head straight to the bed.Stretch and meditate.

Take some time to find out a little bit.

The best muscles stretch before the slop are your neck and back, so focus on finding triplets that relieve the pressure in your spine, lower back and shoulders …

Meditation is also a great way to relax before bed. Download video to your iPod or listen to one of them.

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