About Rob Dube

Rob Dube started in business by selling Blow Pops out of his high school locker. Today, he’s the president and co-founder of imageOne, which was ranked on the 2017 list of Forbes Small Giants: America’s Best Small Companies.

Throughout Rob’s decades of experience, he has developed an unwavering passion for delivering extraordinary experiences that positively impact the lives of his team members, the goals of their customers and the fabric of the community.

This unique approach to business has driven the company to success in its industry and acknowledgment as a top workplace. imageOne is the leading organization in Document Lifecycle Management and is well-known as an exceptional company with local and national recognition for its strong focus on culture.

Rob is also an avid meditator, host of the Leading with Genuine Care Podcast, author of donothing: the most rewarding leadership challenge you will ever take, and the founder/organizer of the Leading with Genuine Care Leadership Retreat in Colorado.

He’s also a contributor to Forbes, Thrive Global and EO Octane.

About Leading with Genuine Care

As a committed, positive servant leader, Rob is passionate about sharing the personal and professional benefits of living and leading mindfully and leading. He calls this Leading with Genuine Care. Rob believes that through meditation, mindfulness practice, learning from and connecting with like-minded leaders, anyone can make a real difference in the world.

Rob promotes his message as host of the Leading with Genuine Care podcast where he chats with mindful leaders from around the world. He is also the author of the book, donothing: the most rewarding leadership challenge you will ever take, and organizer of the Leading with Genuine Care Leadership Retreat which takes place in the Colorado Rockies outside of Fort Collins. The retreat brings leaders together to unplug from their busy lives, rejuvenate the mind and body, connect with like-minded people, and more.

Stay up-to-date with mindful resources, announcements, upcoming events and more from donothing.

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